Hi, sweet people!

I’m Irena aka Indiga Healer, the artist behind this intuitive digital brand.

If we dig a bit deeper, we find out that every story we try to pursue comes right from our childhood. Creating this brand was no exception.

Right after I bought my iPad tablet, a certain memory presented itself clearly. As a kid I used to dream about having a certain ‘magical piece of technology’ that I would be able to use for all of my creative endeavors. Something where I could draw and paint with all the brushes in the world, write with all the pens in the world, where I would have all the notebooks, papers and pictures in the world to choose from. I was obsessed with notebooks and journaling, but also creating different presentations in PowerPoint and editing videos that I filmed with some of the first small portable recorders.

Most importantly, sharing with and gifting those creations to others was a part that brought the process to a whole.

I dreamed of having one piece of technology where I could do all of this at once and more. Fast forward to almost two decades later – I’m sitting in my room, unboxing my new iPad and noticing that clear memory appearing right in front of me. I figured it would only be fair to continue what I had started.

Before creating this brand…

I had been making intuitive art for many years. I was experimenting and letting my imagination flow freely through this automatic way of creating – using all the tools I came across. Intuitive art was a medium that followed me through different stages in life – one of which was finishing a philosophy degree. Always wanting to go deeper actually led me to the very surface of life after I was done with my studies.

With over 10 years of translating deep feelings into intuitive creations (mostly drawings and paintings) I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about meditation, presence and essence. I learned to hear myself truly – my fears and desires. It would always show through in my art process. However, it’s not about me, the abstract and intuitive way of creating is always translating the collective mind and universe within all of us.

My Goal

My goal is to share everything that I’ve learned in the process, but most importantly dive into something new and magical, together with all of you, through this medium – digital products. For me, going digital brings freedom and endless possibilities for our imagination to bloom and discover new ways of understanding ourselves and the world around us.

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