You won’t regret starting digital journaling. Here’s why.

You’re still using paper planners, journals, notebooks?
This is why it might be time for something new.



One of the things I’ve been obsessed with the most throughout most my life is definitely stationary. I’ve been collecting and creating beautiful notebooks from since I can remember. Many of my friends were doing it too, but I think I was a bit too crazy about it. However, as years went by I started enjoying it less and less, as I always needed to accumulate more and more things, even though I didn’t always have money or space for them. It felt forced and kind of ruining my imagination flow.



So now, you’ve guessed it, digital journaling comes to stage. With digital journaling I’ve re-gained creative motivation and inspiration. And I would like to explain how.

This explanation is going to have 3 parts:

First, I’ll explain what paper planning is lacking.

Then, I’ll explain why digital planning can fill those gaps.

And thirdly, I’ll give you some ideas on how to get started and some magical COMPLETELY FREE resources as well as PREMIUM ones!

But before we start, let’s explain what digital journaling/planning is.

Digital is supposed to replicate paper with the help of, first, a tablet and a stylus and then also a note-taking app that suits you and your device.

Digital planners/journals/notebooks are essentially PDFs (mostly interactive) that you can write on with your stylus (using stylus is essential in order to get the similar feel to writing on paper).


Disadvantages of paper journaling


So you buy a notebook you’re going to use as your journal. Then, you want to buy some markers and pens to get creative with it. Maybe you also need some magazines for a few collages. Oh, and washi tapes! You need a lot of washi tapes. Let’s be honest, you also need some stamps to get in that creative flow. A few stickers here and there would be good. Oh look, your room is full and you’re not sure about where you’re going to sleep tonight.



Paper journaling can take so much of your space with the things that can’t go travel with you and things that are not always accessible. And even with many things that you own, you might still not get that inspired or feel unmotivated with the lack of some marker color or other art supplies.

Furthermore, there’s probably big amount of supplies that you’re never going to use, but you won’t throw them away either, so it will just stay there collecting dust and sadness.



One other factor is spending a lot of money on art supplies. They tend to use up pretty fast and you need a lot of them to achieve a certain imagined type of look. When you buy those supplies, you’re not only paying the supply, but you also most of the time pay for the shipping and handling if you don’t have them accessible in your place. And then you also have to wait for it to arrive. And if you’re really lucky, like me, most of it doesn’t even ship to your country. First world problem, for sure, but your creativity can easily be blocked by all of these obstacles. It can feel not motivating enough.



The truth is some of the previously stated disadvantages don’t really need to be seen as disadvantages at all. It can be nice to wait impatiently for your products to arrive and celebrate when it arrives. It can be nice to not have everything at hand and get creative with what you have. It can be nice to touch the paper, listen to the sounds… but! The times we live in are dictating new ways of expanding our creativity, new ways of encouraging our imagination. And isn’t imagination supposed to create the world by only using our mind – our own and also collective mind? Well, that’s where I see digital journaling going in the right direction.



Here are some benefits of digital journaling


For digital journaling you only need one device – your tablet, a stylus that suits your device best and… your imagination!

I’m not saying you can’t plan/journal with only one notebook and one pen, I’m saying that most people fall in the trap of wanting more and more things, especially if they want to get inspired and creative with it. So you end up buying so many things that take a lot of space and it gets overwhelming.

With digital journaling, you can easily choose what suits you best and it’s literally all in a device that is the size of standard notebooks. I can sit at the table and have nothing more than a tablet and a stylus to do digital journaling. And I can do that anywhere in the world.



There’s a lot of freedom in that feeling and can be a constant boost of inspiration. You have freedom to let go of things and change things up as often as you feel like, without creating any physical waste around you.

On the other hand, you can use all the stationary over and over again without running out of paper or ink. You can duplicate your digital notebooks/journals and have as many of them as you need. You can use one digital sticker pack as many times as you want. You can use your digital inks as long as you need. And all that is accessible instantly at all times. Or at least, whenever your battery is charged, but we don’t talk about that, that’s a harsh topic. 😂

Overall, you just don’t need to compromise your inspiration and creativity by having to rely on the journaling supplies that you have.

There are advantages and disadvantages for everything in the world, but the possibilities that digital provides are not letting those disadvantages talk too much. With digital journaling imagination is your limit, you’re sort of forcing yourself to be more creative as you know that whatever you imagine can be created in one way or another!



What now?


So now, where should you start?

After choosing your tablet and stylus, you need to install an app where digital journaling is going to take place! If you choose to install an app that supports importing pdf files, I have a few freebies for you to try out! Check out our Freebie Library here. You will find something to get you started there! One of the next posts is going to be a more comprehensive guide for starting digital/planning/journaling, so make sure to subscribe to our mailing list below so you don’t miss it! In the meantime you can check out some of our other magical digital stationary products below!


Hope you have fun in the digital journaling world! Let me know if you tried the freebies and all your thoughts in the comments! See you very soon!


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